The following is a list of some of the websites that Adeptus Productions has developed, along with a short description. Please note that not every page developed by Adeptus Productions is listed, as some have been taken down by their owners, modified by other web developers, or only small changes were made.

Whistling Kite Consulting Pty Ltd
The company under which Adeptus Productions trades. The site contains a lot of information on work that the proprietor Jill Byrnes has undertaken and what the company does, including pictures. References and a Resume are provided, in webpage format.
Sue Farley Designs
Sue Farley Designs is a garden design and horticulure business based in Sydney, New South Wales. The site is short but contains information on Sue Farley's work and qualifications.
Kununurra Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The Kununurra Chamber of Commerce and Industry is aimed at promoting and developing businesses and agriculture in Kununurra and the Ord Valley region.
Kununurra Picture Gardens
The Kununurra Picture Gardens is the local outdoor cinema. The site is updated weekly and contains information on the week's movies and upcoming movies, as well as important (sometimes last-minute) information.
Lake Bennett Wilderness Resort
Lake Bennett is a fairly isolated resort on the coast of the Northern Territory, close to the Western Australian border. Adeptus Productions was subcontracted by Multimedia Language Services to upgrade the site, include more accommodation and facility details and translate to German along with MMLS.
Slingair Heliwork WA
Slingair Heliwork is a Kununurra-based aircraft tour company. Adeptus Productions was subcontracted by Multimedia Language Services to add and change some information on tours and dates, however the design is the same as it was originally.
Haynes Outdoor Garden Design
Haynes Outdoor Garden Design is a Kununurra-based garden design and maintenance business. The site contains the background of the business, details and photos of past work around the area, and includes a monthly 'hints and tips' section.
East Kimberley Tours
East Kimberley Tours is a local tour company specialising in the rough outback, including the Bungle Bungles and the Mitchell Plateau. Adeptus Productions was subcontracted by Multimedia Language Services to completely overhaul the site, add new tour information, add a booking sheet, photos (which mostly had to be scanned from a brochure unfortunately, resulting in lower quality), and more.
Kununurra Backpackers Adventure Center
Kununurra Backpackers Adventure Center is a local backpacker's accommodation, tour and information center. The site contains some information on accommodation and tours but is not complete and the owners want to be able to continue to add to and develop it over time.
The Art Gallery
The Art Gallery is a showcase of computer art by myself, Joel Byrnes, the manager of Adeptus Productions. Prepare for a mix of futuristic, darkness, and some downright horror.
Recently redesigned and updated with many new images.